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Let Us Tell You Why We Are Different

You are here for one reason-let's get you what you need:Polo Shirt

- Our items come with your logo embroidered on the left chest.

- Maybe you have already been tricked by other sites that lure you in only to find out that you only get 5000 stitches. What does that get you? Yeah, we agree, not much... How about their low internet prices only to find out they have a minimum order to get that price? Not us!

- Our shirts include one logo complete, usually on the left chest.

- If you need your logo programed or digitized for embroidery, well, we do that here as well.

- Order just $150.00 (total cart) and your $60.00 set up is reduced to just $25.00

-Order $900.00 and your set up is FREE!

- The only additional charge with our shirts is the shipping, which you will see in the cart. Okay, lets get you started. Click here to buy embroidered polo shirts.